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Anna Heino - Design Jewellery is a Munich-based design jewellery manufacturer, originally from Finland. Anna designs and makes innovative products in a simple Scandinavian style. Several jewellery collections are provided to satisfy different urban trends. Anna's most definable collections are Bubbles, Bubblelove and Roughbubble. This jewellery is based around a design of interconnecting precious metal pieces, which can be joined together to form longer or shorter chains. These playful designs are hand-finished with a passionate attention to detail.

"My most notable characteristics as a goldsmith are detail in design and innovative concepts. I define my style as insightfully simplistic. I have designed and made jewellery products in the simple style of my native Finland since 2003, being currently based in Munich. To invent new forms, I keep my eyes constantly open to my surroundings, and love to wonder in the urban nature. I was born in Finland, near the capital city of Helsinki, where I lived until moving to Germany few years ago."

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